This is the homepage for Eric Robert Anderson, a businessman, social scientist, son, brother, and optimist from Santa Rosa, California. The name “huge upside” comes from a memorable miscommunication early in my Silicon Valley career. My boss posted a Craigslist ad for an entry-level job “with huge upside” in our InfoUSA Yesmail office. A few days later, we received cover letters from applicants that began, “Dear Huge Upside” – an endearing miscommunication. As a relationship marketing manager, analyst, and innovator of 15+ years, I have seen billions of dollars of change hands by communicating clearly in multi-media from e-commerce email subject lines to bleeding-edge data visualization. This is a site about a life of great expectations and self-expression.

Data Stories & Visualization

As a co-founder of eBay DataLabs, our missionn was to make marketplace data accessible and understandable to everyone in the world – to let the data speak for itself. Consequently, some of the most compelling validation of product-market fit came from people we did not know and in languages we did not speak.
As a data-driven senior manager responsible for global growth at eBay (me, right at Sneaker Con New York 2015), some of the best learning opportunities for me and my teams to contextual what we saw in data on my screen was in real life. Trade shows provided opportunities to hear directly from customers, create unique content, and test new product experiences “in the field”. Video produced by eBay Inc, November 10, 2016, “Sneaker Con 2016: Nike and Yeezys Galore“.

Stories & Conversation

Still image from “EBAY’s Sneaker Conversations at Sneaker Con, New York, 2015 (Sample Reel)“.